Our new products

New from ARBURG at K 2019

ARBURG will be presenting a host of new products at K 2019. These range from the new large-scale packaging machine and the first ALLROUNDER that can be configured online to new features for the “arburgXworld” customer portal.

arburgXworld: in 18 languages

Central arburgXworld customer portal apps such as our Shop and our ServiceCenter improve organization, make communication easier and speed up responses. As of K 2019, arburgXworld will be available internationally in 18 languages.    more...

Basic Connectivity

As of K 2019, all ALLROUNDERs will come with what we call “basic connectivity”, meaning that they will feature an IIoT gateway to facilitate easy, standardized and secure data integration with higher-level software tools and platforms.    more...

Rotary Table Machine 1600 T

The ALLROUNDER 1600 T is the latest addition to our range of vertical rotary table machines. The new size combines an increased table diameter of 62.99" with an ergonomic work height and small footprint.    more...

New: Plasticizing Assistant

The idea behind the plasticizing assistant is to take the cylinder module, which is a key machine component, and make it ‘smart’ by integrating a memory chip. This way, the machine will ‘know’ the plasticizing it is performing, enabling active user assistance and targeted maintenance.    more...

New: Filling Assistant

The filling assistant for the GESTICA control system allows the filling level of the part under production to be animated in relation to the current position of the screw as a 3D graphic in real time. Expert installation technicians also benefit from this as it saves them valuable time.    more...

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