ARBURG presses ahead with digitalization

At K 2019, ARBURG will be presenting itself as an industry pioneer in matters relating to digitalization (Industry 4.0), production efficiency, and sustainability. The focal point, arburgXworld, covers all digital products and services, and is also the name of the customer portal.

As of K 2019, the arburgXworld customer portal will be available in 18 languages and with a host of new features. Besides MachineCenter, ServiceCenter, Shop, and Calendar, the four main apps, which are free of charge, ARBURG will also be presenting numerous new functionalities and fee-based apps, which offer users significant added value. In addition, visitors to Stand 13A13 will have the chance to try out eleven interactive stations on the “Road to Digitalization” exhibit and find out how they can initiate or continue their own digital transformation.


  • Road to Digitalization: Experience ARBURG’s digital products and services interactively
  • arburgXworld: The customer portal’s new apps and features will increase production efficiency
  • Smart: Thanks to the filling and plasticizing assistant, the machine knows the molded part and its plastification
  • Basic connectivity: ALLROUNDER networked in a standardized format via IIoT gateway


Brochure: arburgXworld (PDF - 2.7 MB)
K 2019 stand brochure (PDF - 2.2 MB)

"arburgXworld" customer portal: New features and apps

Self Service
This interactive app helps users analyze machine malfunctions and downtimes themselves. The self-help function with guided problem analysis is available in a fee-based expansion stage.

This tool enables users to customize products such as the new ALLROUNDER 270 S compact by means of a set of defined options, and to order them at fixed conditions. Guided by a menu, the process is simple and secure.
To the compact: 270 S compact (PDF – 0.3 MB)

This app allows the machine control system to be simulated so that datasets can be created, processes optimized, and employees trained.

ProcessDashboard & MachineDashboard
These two dashboards are designed to document production processes and to display status information and indicators for individual machines.

The machine design app is used to find the best ALLROUNDER for a particular application, based on variables such as process data and technical data relating to materials.

The DataDecoder enables key parameters from a machine dataset to be displayed in a legible way and saved as a csv or xlsx file.


Filling assistant
The filling assistant enables the ALLROUNDER to “know” the product. The simulation model created offline and the part geometry are loaded directly into the control system. Via the GESTICA, users can then interactively compare the results of the simulation with the filling behavior of the last cycle.
Compact: Filling assistant (PDF – 0.3 MB)

Plasticizing assistant
With the plasticizing assistant, the ALLROUNDER “knows” its plasticizing unit. The “smart” cylinder module is also given a memory chip. The assistant uses data from this to automatically calculate parameters such as dwell times, and writes module and process history data – e.g. operating hours or throughput – onto the chip. This creates the conditions for predictive maintenance.

ARBURG assistance packages
The six assistance packages are available for the SELOGICA and GESTICA control systems and actively support the operator, making it easier to work on the machine in line with the respective production requirements.
to ARBURG assistance packages



Basic connectivity
In future, all ALLROUNDERs will come equipped with “basic connectivity”, meaning that they will have an IIoT gateway. As a result, injection molding machines can be networked with higher-level software tools and platforms in a simple, standardized, and secure way, for the collection of process data, remote servicing, production monitoring, or detailed planning, for example.