Hybrid machines

Combining electric and hydraulic technology for high performance

Our hybrid injection molding machines from the HIDRIVE series combine electric speed and precision with hydraulic power and dynamics. Let us show you how the ALLROUNDER H can be used to efficiently manufacture mass-produced parts for the packaging and automotive industries, for example.

Major World Premiere

For the K 2016, we have pulled off a unique "triple coup" and expanded our portfolio: the hybrid ALLROUNDER 1120 H with a clamping force of 730 tons is now the largest injection molding machine, which also features a new design and the new GESTICA control system.


  • Extended: ALLROUNDER range now offers clamping forces up to 730 tons
  • High performance: speed of electric technology combined with hydraulic power and dynamics
  • Visionary: modern design simplifies work sequences and machine set-up
  • Innovative: "smart" GESTICA control system with full HD screen ensures easy, safe and fast operation

Step stool

"Ready-to-use" designer product consisting of eight parts
The centerpiece of the innovative turnkey system is the new hybrid ALLROUNDER 1120 H with a clamping force of 730 tons. Using a family mold, the largest machine in the ARBURG portfolio will produce eight individual PP parts in a cycle time of 60 seconds. These will then be assembled to form a ready-to-use folding step stool.

The idea, design and implementation of this application are all the work of ARBURG. Handling is performed by a new MULTILIFT V 40 in cantilever design. The linear robotic system has a load bearing capacity of 88 lbs and has been precisely adapted to the new machine size. It removes the eight individual parts and sets them down on the rotary transfer table of an assembly station. There, the two halves of the folding step stool will be pre-assembled from four parts each and then transferred to a six-axis robot by means of a turning station. This fits eight stoppers to the feet and assembles the step stool, which weighs around 2.2 lbs, ready for use.

Thin-walled tubs

Four packaging items in only 1.65 seconds
Extremely short injection and cycle times: The production of thin-walled containers for the packaging sector places the highest demands on the performance of injection molding machines. For this purpose, ARBURG offers ALLROUNDER machines in the special "Packaging" version (P).

The production cell is built around a hybrid high-performance machine from the HIDRIVE series with a clamping force of 200 tons. Thanks to hydraulic accumulator technology and the position-regulated screw with adapted non-return valve, four tubs weighing 3.55 g each can be injection molded in just 1.65 s with maximum reproducibility. In conjunction with mold technology and automation designed for fast cycles, an extremely production-efficient turnkey solution is created.

Coil shells

How efficient high-volume production of technical parts can function is shown by the turnkey project for manufacturing reels for brake systems in automobiles: About 18,000 parts are produced per hour and separated according to cavities and boxed, ready-to-ship.

The heart of the production cell is a hybrid high-performance machine. In only 6.5 seconds, 32 reels are produced, which a rapidly operating robotic system takes out within the cycle time and deposits via a special tube system into original parts boxes, separated according to cavities. The boxes are filled with an exact quantity.

Screw Caps

72 closures in less than 3 seconds
Multi-cavity molds that produce large unit volumes in a matter of seconds are the dominant technology when it comes to the production of screw caps. For maximum productivity, system solutions precisely configured to your requirements are needed – e.g. high-performance hybrid machines.

The hybrid HIDRIVE-series ALLROUNDER 720 H combines a servo-electric clamping unit with a high-performance hydraulic injection unit, energy-optimized hydraulic accumulator technology and servo-electric dosage. Thanks to its high production capability and short cycle times, it is ideally suited for the production of packaging items.
to the molded part


Plastic in paper-bag look
Fast, productive and accurate:  the so-called ARBURG bag made from PP is an example of a sophisticated technical application. Maximum wall thickness of 2 mm and the uneven surface in a paper-bag look place high demands on the mold technology.

A high-performance hybrid ALLROUNDER 920 H machine with a clamping force of 560 tons is used. The large, energy-efficient injection molding machine is ideal for large opening movements and produces the ARBURG bags weighing 560 g in a cycle time of 25 s. The complex mold is equipped with collapsing cores and sophisticated core slide technology.

IML containers

In-mold labeling (IML)
ARBURG offers complete turnkey solutions for the manufacture of thin-walled containers with inserts. Using the IML process, two 1-l containers with labels and handles can be produced in a cycle time of only 4.85 s, for example. Material throughput is approximately 50 kg/h.

The containers are produced on an energy-efficient ALLROUNDER 720 H with a clamping force of 360 tons. The hybrid injection molding machine features special packaging equipment: an extended 70-mm screw ensures a high degree of plasticizing and short cycle times. In addition, a reinforced movable platen, plus the appropriate interface for running an IML system are used.