Electric machines

Using high-end technology to set standards

Do you have demanding injection molding tasks? We have the high-end machines for the job – the electric ALLROUNDERs from the ALLDRIVE series. And the GOLDEN ELECTRIC series for entering the world of electric machine technology. For fast, precise and energy-efficient production of high-quality parts. Why not see for yourself?

Night light

FIM technology for ‘smart’ component surfaces
The night light example shows how multi-functional surfaces can be produced using Film Insert Moulding (FIM). This process is ideal for high-quality touch functions for digitalization, for example, in car interiors as well as the electronics industry, white goods and medical technology.

The pre-formed 3D films with integrated electronic functions and five LEDs are fed from the trays from outside. The films are cleaned beforehand under controlled production conditions, in-mold laminated and their electronic function is checked one hundred percent in the clean room cell around an electric injection molding machine ALLROUNDER 470 A.

Pipette tip

GMP-compliant mass production
The production of disposable medical items such as pipette tips places high demands, not only in terms of hygiene and product quality, but also on productivity. Through the consistent use and individual adaptation of high-end technology, 50,000 parts per hour can reliably be produced.

Mass production of the pipette tips is based on an electric injection molding machine from the high-performance ALLDRIVE series. In conjunction with mold technology and automation designed for fast cycles, a turnkey solution is created with which highly efficient production is achieved: 64 parts, which leave the system densely packed in trays of 96 units, are produced in only around 4.7 seconds.


New electric general purpose machine series
ARBURG is bringing four high-performance electric general purpose machines to the market in spring 2016 in the form of the GOLDEN ELECTRIC series. They offer interesting features for the precise, energy-efficient production of high-quality parts.

ARBURG is set to continue the success story of the GOLDEN EDITION general purpose hydraulic series with the fully electric GOLDEN ELECTRIC series. Thanks to a range of standardized components, the new ALLROUNDERs feature high-grade, proven ARBURG technology "Made in Germany" and an attractive price/performance ratio.


High-performance, high-end ALLDRIVE machine series
An electric injection molding machine from the high-performance ALLDRIVE machine series demonstrates the economic production of around 31,500 mass-produced, ready-to-ship items per hour.

The high-speed application enables an electric ALLROUNDER 820 A equipped with a 440-ton toggle-type clamping unit and a 45.4 oz electric injection unit (max. 1286 g PS) to demonstrate its performance capabilities. A 24+24-cavity mold is used to produce 24 knives and 24 forks in a cycle time of around 5.5 seconds. A specially tailored automation system removes the parts, which are then directly packaged in PP foil as a set.

Flat Dripper

High-speed precision parts
Together with its partner Männer, ARBURG has united high-volume production and high-speed cycles in a single concept and has optimized the efficiency of the process – from part geometry and mold technology to perfectly coordinated machine processes.

An electric ALLROUNDER 470 A produces more than 137,000 units of this so-called flat dripper for droplet irrigation per hour. The geometry of the 0.3 g PP parts has been adapted for fast, reliable ejection, while the 64-cavity mold from Männer features near-contour cooling and a hot runner needle shut-off system. The machine is precisely tailored to the application.

Micro counter wheel

Shot weights of a few milligrams
Precision small parts, such as micro counter wheels weighing only 0.004 g, can be produced to a high standard on optimized ARBURG standard machines. A special micro-production cell enables us to offer you an efficient solution for shot weights measured in milligrams.

Dynamic injection using a position-regulated screw, for example, ensures the required precision and compliance with tolerances in the micron range. An electric ALLROUNDER 270 A injection molding machine is used with a 0.1 oz micro-injection unit. Part handling is via a horizontally-operating MULTILIFT H 3+1 robotic system.
to the molded part


Production in the clean room
Precisely operating electric injection molding machines in stainless steel versions are ideally suited for clean room production. Closed spindle drives as well as liquid-cooled motors and control cabinets contribute towards low-emission production.

ARBURG also implements turnkey clean room concepts, e.g. for the production of covers for the medical technology sector on an electric ALLROUNDER 520 A with a 32-cavity mold. The machine is easy to clean. This results in short downtimes and a high degree of production efficiency. Part handling is performed by a six-axis robotic system adapted for clean room operation, implemented with the SELOGICA user interface.