Further processes

Using innovative technologies

The modularity of our plastics processing technology enables a wide range of complex applications to be implemented. These include, for example, in-mold labeling (IML) for thin-walled items or the Exjection® process for long structural parts.

IML containers

In-mold labeling (IML)
ARBURG offers complete turnkey solutions for the manufacture of thin-walled containers with inserts. Using the IML process, two 1-l containers with labels and handles can be produced in a cycle time of only 4.85 s, for example. Material throughput is approximately 50 kg/h.

The containers are produced on an energy-efficient ALLROUNDER 720 H with a clamping force of 360 tons. The hybrid injection molding machine features special packaging equipment: an extended 70-mm screw ensures a high degree of plasticizing and short cycle times. In addition, a reinforced movable platen, plus the appropriate interface for running an IML system are used.

Exjection® process

Production of long structural components
In the Exjection® process, the mold performs a horizontal transfer movement during injection. With our vertical ALLROUNDER V injection molding machines, this enables the production of structural components with functional geometries and integrated end caps, measuring up to several meters in length.

The control rail is produced on an ALLROUNDER 375 V. With this application, featuring a horizontally installed mold, the free space system of the clamping unit can be fully utilized. There are no limitations with regard to mold length, stroke and, consequently, component length. The servo-controlled transfer movement during the injection process is integrated in the SELOGICA control system.