"Smarte Bratwurst"

A trainee project 2016

A trainee project based on Industry 4.0
"Smarte Bratwurst" (Smart Sausages) was the title of the well-attended trainee project at the ARBURG Technology Days 2016: the 8-strong team designed a grill station that cooks sausages automatically in a continuous process. The key feature: ARBURG technology is used throughout the station.

A THERMOLIFT dryer heats the pre-cooked sausages to the right temperature. After they are inserted into a special holder, the sausages are then grilled to perfection in an original injection molding cylinder module. The subsequent handling – preparation of the paper plates, placement of the sausages and retraction of the holders – is performed by two INTEGRALPICKER V devices. The trainees built the control cabinet for the grilling station controller (PLC) and all the mechanical parts themselves. They even took care of setting up and wiring the safety enclosure.