arburgXvision: Mold Strategy 2.0

Successful ninth episode

Around 450 viewers watched the ninth episode of interactive internet TV program “arburgXvision” entitled “Mold Strategy 2.0 – new ideas for reducing costs” on October 28, 2021. In what was once again a very entertaining two hours, the ARBURG experts competently shared valuable ideas and inspiration and interacted live with viewers to answer key questions.

Expert knowledge made accessible
In the ninth edition of “arburgXvision”, ARBURG experts Christoph Blöchle, Technical Sales Manager and Christian Homp, Team Manager Applications, presented various mold strategies for significantly increasing the utilization rate of injection molding machines.
In addition to the expert presentations, there were fascinating live links to ARBURG’s Training Center, where Philipp Jarosch, Team Manager of the injection molding facility, used two ALLROUNDERs to demonstrate which mistakes to avoid when preparing machines and molds and the various monitoring options available.

Last program of the year on November 25, 2021
Entitled “Sustainable production: Conserving resources in the plastics industry”, ARBURG’s last program of 2021 will address a particularly relevant topic. Experts Bertram Stern, Sustainability Manager, and Dr Philipp Kloke, Application and Process Development Engineer, will explain important aspects of sustainable and future-proof production and show how recyclates and bioplastics can be processed reliably and efficiently. Several live feeds will also give viewers a deep insight into injection molding machine production in Lossburg. Free login and registration at: arburgXvision