This was our seventh live broadcast

The perfect service

"arburgXvision"'un 29. Temmuz 2021'deki yedinci sayısının adı: "Mükemmel servis – İhtiyaç duyulduğunda hızlı yardım". ARBURG uzmanları, interaktif TV yayınında servis hakkındaki tüm bilinmesi gerekenleri, kendinden emin ve özetle sundu.

Reliable and high-quality service
Lars Langner, divisional manager of Service, and Uwe Klumpp, head of Product Training, were the guest ARBURG experts in the studio. Benjamin Gnegel and Tobias Feigenbutz from the trainer team at Product Training were live on site at the ARBURG Training Center, providing valuable practical tips on maintenance and upkeep of machine capability.
The episode focused on digital services, efficient maintenance and servicing, reliable machine technology, and well-trained staff – all of which are requirements for avoiding standstills, and ensuring reliable and efficient production of high-quality plastic parts.

Interactive questions and summary
During the final panel discussion with host Guido Marschall, the experts summarized the main findings of the episode and answered viewers’ questions.

Summer break – next episode on September 30, 2021
After the summer break, arburgXvision will continue: On September 30, 2021, we will take a deep dive into the GESTICA control system and how it can be used to easily master even complex machines and processes. In the eighth episode of arburgXvision, Jürgen Peters, head of Software Development, and Miriam Lauble, technical sales manager, will provide an exciting overview of the innovative features of the control system that was developed in Lossburg and "Made by ARBURG."

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