That was our fifth episode

Saving – there's still room for improvement

In the fifth arburgXvision episode entitled “Savings through hidden benefits! Saving – there's still room for improvement” was all about the exciting question of how productivity can be optimized through the perfect interaction of technology, organization and digitalization. Around 400 viewers tuned in live to the interactive ARBURG TV broadcast online.

Saving costs through digitalization and stable processes
ARBURG experts Christoph Kiefer, Team Manager Technical & Commercial Sales Support, and Dr. Thomas Walther, Head of Application & Process Development, were guests in the studio.
Christoph Kiefer presented the ARBURG host computer system ALS as a digital image of the entire injection molding production and discussed how this enables efficient production management along the entire value-added chain. The viewers learned how they can use it to make organization, processes and sequences transparent at production level, analyze them and monitor them in real time, and make full use of capacities.
In the second expert presentation, Dr Thomas Walther addressed the importance of stable processes. He mentioned the digitalized machine with “smart” assistance functions as a quality monitor and an essential component for tapping “hidden benefits”. This would create reproducible processes for the efficient production of good parts and save time and costs.

Important savings potentials presented live
During the episode, there were two live links into the Training Center with very specific tips on potential savings.
During the first live link to the Training Center in Lossburg, ALS expert Peter Kowalewski gave specific practical tips on the host computer system and detailed planning.
In the second live link, Philipp Jarosch, team manager of the ARBURG plastics injection molding facility, showed how the cycle time can be significantly reduced by optimizing the production sequence.

Interactive questions and summary
During the final panel discussion with host Guido Marschall, the experts summarized the main findings of the episode and answered the viewers' questions.

Make a note in your calendar now for June 24, 2021, because then it's "arburgXvision" time again. "Digital all the way – arburgXworld under the microscope" is the title of the next topic. Guests on the sixth episode are ARBURG experts Benjamin Franz, Team Manager Digital Solutions, and Stephan Reich, Head of Department IT Application Development.
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