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From concept to production in 41 days, a COVID story

Join us for a free webinar as ARBURG shares their experience creating a reusable and steralizable COVID Mask in record timeframe. ARBURG took an idea and brought it to production in 41 days. ARBURG will describe the tools and methods they used to get through the design process and into production so quickly.

From Concept to Production in 41 Days, a COVID Story
ARBURG has a unique position as manufacturer offering both additive systems and production molding systems. This presentation will showcase how ARBURG used both internally to speed the development of a COVID reusable mask from concept to mass production in 41 days.

To help fight the spread of the coronavirus, ARBURG decided to design and produce multifunctional face masks that can be sterilized and reused. Utilizing their additive technology, the company was able to create a concept, make several design iterations, and move into mass production on their molding system in 41 days. The ability to prototype with the final production materials and build parts with multiple materials early in the design phase is what fueled their speed to production. ARBURG will showcase the process they used and how it can be applied to speed up any design to production process.

During this presentation ARBURG will share the important lessons they learned which helped speed up the design to production process. These lessons include:

  1. Importance of prototyping flexibility
  2. Using the correct materials to test a design
  3. Using prototypes to validate manufacturing processes


ARBURG Plastic Freeforming
From Concept to Production in 41 Days, a COVID Story

09th March 2021

10:00 AM in Eastern Time (USA and Canada)

Gerry Berberian, Arburg Inc., National Sales Manager - Additive

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