Next generation rotary table machine

The ALLROUNDER 1300 T marks the final stage of development for our vertical rotary table machines. With a table diameter of 1,300 mm, the new size combines 15% more space for injection molds and 25% heavier weights with 10% less installation area compared with its predecessor model, the 1200 T.

Quick, precise, and smooth mold movements: As you would expect from ARBURG, a servo-electric drive for the rotary table is a standard feature of the ALLROUNDER 1300 T. However, the clamping unit, machine base, and control cabinet have been reimagined with ergonomics and space requirement in mind. Here is a summary of what has changed compared with the ALLROUNDER 1200 T:

  • Table/working height reduced by 5%
  • Installation area reduced by 10%
  • Installation/hall height reduced by 10%
  • Fixed mold mounting surface increased by 15%
  • Mold weight increased by 25%
  • Optimized line guidance and positioning of media connections
  • SELOGICA ND (new design) control system


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