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The digital customer portal “arburgXworld” has been available to customers since 2019. What experiences have they had with arburgXworld so far? What added value does the customer portal provide?

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Use the advantages of the customer portal
People who have already registered with the customer portal generally use several apps to bring greater efficiency to their own business processes and services. Different customers report on their experiences:

Kathrin Gruber, Managing Director of Wartenfelser GmbH & Co. KG, Hemhofen, Germany
“Our company, which designs injection molds and manufactures technical plastic parts, is now in its second generation of management, meaning that we have been a loyal ARBURG customer for over 30 years. Of our 64 injection molding machines, 55 are ALLROUNDERs. To permanently maintain full process reliability, we regularly require spare parts at short notice. This is where the new arburgXworld platform has been providing us with significant support since summer 2019. We mainly use the ‘Shop’ app to quickly research and order the parts we are looking for, which are also displayed in a visually helpful way. Spare parts can also be identified quickly using machine-specific exploded drawings. What's more, the 'Order History' and 'Invoices' navigation links act as a complementary archiving system to our own paperless document management and archiving system.”


Gerd Winter, Head of Injection Molding at Otto Dunkel GmbH, Mühldorf a. Inn, Germany
“ODU is one of the leading international suppliers of connector systems and employs 2,300 people worldwide. With 53 ALLROUNDERs, ARBURG provides the lion's share of our total of 66 injection molding machines. We have been using arburgXworld since June 2019, especially the ‘Shop’ and the ‘MachineCenter’. I find the use of exploded drawings to simplify the search for spare parts a considerable advantage. The documentation of all orders, deliveries, quotations, and invoices is also very helpful and trackable. The MachineCenter provides easy access to operating instructions, spare parts lists, and circuit diagrams. This allows our electrical and maintenance departments to obtain information quickly and easily.”


Tim Övermöhle, arburgXworld key user at Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG, Lohne, Germany
“We have been using arburgXworld since March 2019. Our main focus is on maintenance, but also on purchasing and disposition in the commercial sector. A few days after ARBURG went live with the new arburgXworld, we also registered with it. We specifically work with the ‘Shop’, ‘ServiceCenter’, ‘Calendar’ and ‘MachineCenter’ apps. The apps are used by both our commercial staff and our colleagues in maintenance. The ‘Shop’ app is used with particular frequency and enthusiasm, as this is where online orders are placed. In addition, prices, availability, and product data can be accessed via the ‘Shop’ app.
Basically the app offers many advantages. Machine data and parts lists for machines can be accessed, service tickets for problems with machines or technical queries can be created online, and orders can be processed online 24/7. This ensures faster throughput, as prices and conditions can be accessed online and spare parts availability can be viewed directly.”


Martin Spelthahn, Technical Support at Swoboda Wiggensbach KG, Wiggensbach, Germany
“We currently have 49 ALLROUNDERs in operation. We were among the first to test arburgXworld after its presentation at the Technology Days 2019. The visual presentation is modern and appealing, and the application is practical to handle, even though minor details such as an internal expert filter are still missing. Our maintenance department regularly uses the machine documentation and spare parts lists provided in the 'MachineCenter' and 'Shop'. Orders are placed centrally via our purchasing department using SAP and the arburgXworld shop. We don’t really use the ‘ServiceCenter’ at the moment, as we can repair most machine stoppages without support. However, the documentation and spare parts lists provided on the portal are very helpful for troubleshooting and repairs. I have used the app myself for testing. I can see us starting to use it more intensively as soon as we have our own equipment available. The ability to take pictures and videos for improved clarity is extremely helpful.”


Alexander Wittig, Head of Injection Molding Maintenance at HK Cosmetic Packaging GmbH, Coburg, Germany
“I mainly use arburgXworld's ‘Shop’, which works smoothly for the most part. If articles cannot be ordered online, we have the spare parts service place an offer, which I can then move to the shopping cart. Together with the spare parts lists stored in the ‘MachineCenter’ app, finding and ordering has become much easier and more efficient. It is also worth mentioning that older machines dating back to 2003 are still maintained.”


Holger Albrecht, Manufacturing Engineering Plastic Components, Seat Belt Systems, at ZF Automotive Germany GmbH, Alfdorf, Germany
“At our facility, we are currently working with 81 ALLROUNDERs in sizes 170 U to 920 H and 1500 T with various MULTILIFT robotic systems. We have been using arburgXworld with the ‘Calendar’, ‘Configuration’, ‘MachineFinder’, ‘ServiceCenter’, ‘SelfService’, ‘DataDecoder’, ‘MachineCenter’, ‘VirtualControl’ and ‘Shop’ apps to a very wide extent since April 2019. We were particularly impressed by the 'Shop' app with excellent information on current orders, deliveries, and invoices. The spare parts search with availability and prices is equally helpful. The 'MachineCenter' offers a good opportunity to download machine documents – something with which we are already familiar from the ARBURG host computer system (ALS). The ‘SelfService’ tool is a great help with troubleshooting and correcting faults for our maintenance department, and the 'MachineFinder' helps us to check the optimum injection unit using material and parts data. The ‘VirtualControl’ app provides support with sampling and optimizing components and the ‘Calendar’ is ideal for information about planned service visits.”