HIDRIVE and ALLDRIVE: the next generation

SELOGICA ND is becoming standard

Our ALLROUNDER injection molding technology is constantly undergoing development, with the results of our work gradually making their way to the production line. The HIDRIVE and ALLDRIVE series are recent examples of this. The SELOGICA ND control system (new design) is now standard for sizes 270 through 920.

The ALLROUNDER H and electric ALLROUNDER A in particular have seen numerous innovations in recent years. The changes made have resulted in improvements at every level – from machine technology and design through digital networking and even the control system. Below is a brief overview of the latest innovations in the current generation of the HIDRIVE and ALLDRIVE series:

  • Clamp design for sizes 630 through 1120 as standard
  • GESTICA control system – optional for ALLROUNDER 270 through 920, standard from size 1020 upward
  • SELOGICA ND (new design) for sizes 270 through 920 as standard
  • Assistance packages – standard in some cases for ALLROUNDER in clamp design
  • Basic connectivity with IIOT gateway as standard
  • Optimized toggle-type clamping units – efficient lubrication with performance-based intervals
  • Special for ALLDRIVE: choice of three performance variants


Brochure: Hybrid ALLROUNDERs (PDF - 2,3 MB)
Brochure: Electric ALLROUNDERs (PDF - 2,7 MB)