ARBURG at the Plástico Brasil 2019

Automated molded part production

At the Plástico Brasil, to be held March 25 to 29, 2019, in São Paulo (Brazil), ARBURG will be at booth I106, where the company will present a hydraulic general purpose machine for technical injection molding, a high-speed packaging application and a flexible production cell for ready-to-use toy tops.

Focus on packaging industry
"In Brazil, economical hydraulic injection molding machines for technical injection molding are just as much in demand as efficient automation and high-speed machines for the packaging industry and medical technology", says Alfredo Fuentes, Managing Director of ARBURG Ltda. in Brazil. "At Plástico Brasil 2019, we will be exhibiting three production-efficient applications that we have implemented with partners from the areas of mold manufacturing, automation and peripherals in Europe and South America."

IML application: ALLROUNDER manufactures tubs
A hybrid ALLROUNDER 720 H (P) equipped with a hot runner mold will produce 250-ml PP tubs at Plástico Brasil. In a cycle time of around five seconds, this machine completes 6 tubs with a molded part weight of 13 g each. Automation systems insert the IML labels into the mold and stack the finished IML tubs onto a conveyor belt.

Flexible production cell for ready-to-use toy tops
At Plástico Brasil, a hydraulic ALLROUNDER 320 C GOLDEN EDITION first produces the two halves of a toy top made from PS, in a cycle time of around 25 seconds. The six-axis robot removes the molded parts from the mold and transfers them to the next station, where the two halves are welded together inline using ultrasound. The ready-to-use spinning tops are finally placed on a conveyor belt.

Economical technical injection molding
The third exhibit at Plástico Brasil 2019 demonstrates yet another economical solution for technical injection molding: In a cycle time of around 20 seconds, a hydraulic ALLROUNDER 470 C GOLDEN EDITION produces 8 technical molded parts (specula) made of PS, for use in gynecological applications. The part weight is 12 grams.