freeformer impresses trade experts

Successful trade show presence

For ARBURG, which has been an exhibitor from the very outset, the formnext 2017 was a great success. More than 21,000 trade visitors attended the leading international trade show and conference for additive manufacturing in Frankfurt, nearly half of them from abroad. This enabled ARBURG to precisely reach the target group for industrial additive manufacturing with the freeformer.

ARBURG experts in continuous demand
"At times, people were buzzing around our booth like bees in a hive. Our booth team, which we had significantly expanded compared to last year, was kept really busy and held a large number of very promising discussions," said Eberhard Lutz, Director Freeformer Sales at ARBURG, expressing his great satisfaction with the response from trade visitors. "The formnext affords us an opportunity to meet a very different audience than at injection molding trade shows. Moreover, the international character of the show has again increased significantly. Numerous visitors came from Germany's neighboring countries, as well as from Eastern Europe and Asia. These are all important markets for ARBURG."

New stand concept attracts trade visitors
IInteractive stations and functional components "up-close and hands-on" made the new booth design for the formnext a real crowd-puller. "In addition to two freeformer exhibits and eight monitors displaying information about the APF process, our 1615-square-foot booth also included four interactive stations for the first time. Here, visitors were able to pick up a total of twelve parts, allowing them to experience their functionality and quality for themselves 'hands on'. Furthermore, around 40 more functional parts made from qualified standard granulates were displayed on two large illuminated shelving units. This motivated numerous visitors to seek more detailed discussions with our experts," said Dr. Christoph Schumacher, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at ARBURG.
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