Highlights in front of the camera

HolyGrail2.0, FIM and hybrid technology

These would have been the highlights of the Technology Days:

  • HolyGrail2.0 - digital watermarks for intelligent sorting
  • FIM technology - "smart" component surfaces
  • Hybrid technology - automated, flexible connector production


We do not want to withhold these innovative technologies from you, therefore we have filmed the applications for you.


Digital watermark for intelligent sorting
“Intelligent” sorting of industrial and domestic waste is essential if plastics are to be recycled effectively. An application example featuring an IML container shows how plastics can be separated into homogeneous types with the aid of digitalisation.

“HolyGrail2.0” creates a “digital password” by writing product information directly to the corresponding IML label in the form of an invisible digital watermark. There is also an app which can be used to query all types of supplementary information and augmented reality content relating to the product, its use and its disposal. The IML containers are made from monomaterial on a packing version of the hybrid ALLROUNDER 820 H injection moulding machine.

Plug insert

Forming and overmoulding on a moving conveyor belt
Application example for flexible plug production: a compact production cell built around a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V injection moulding machine is being used for the automated overmoulding of metal contacts. The MULTILIFT SELECT linear robot system is mounted compactly on the machine base.

An upstream stamping and bending cell supplies the pre-stamped metal pins on a reel for overmoulding and forwarding to the injection mould. Inside the injection mould, each set of three contacts is overmoulded to form a component assembly which is then separated from the stamped coil. Media-tight overmoulding of the contacts to complete the process and create a hybrid plug then takes place downstream.

Night light

FIM technology for ‘smart’ component surfaces
The night light example shows how multi-functional surfaces can be produced using Film Insert Moulding (FIM). This process is ideal for high-quality touch functions for digitalization, for example, in car interiors as well as the electronics industry, white goods and medical technology.

The pre-formed 3D films with integrated electronic functions and five LEDs are fed from the trays from outside. The films are cleaned beforehand under controlled production conditions, in-mould laminated and their electronic function is checked one hundred percent in the clean room cell around an electric injection moulding machine ALLROUNDER 470 A.