"Wir Sind Da.": Fakuma 2021

Meet and experience ARBURG live again

Finally, a trade fair in Germany again! After more than a year without any live attendance events, we’re looking forward to meeting you in person at Fakuma 2021 in Friedrichshafen and presenting our new products. Visit us in Hall A3 – and see and experience our trade fair highlights at first hand.

Hands-on innovations and highlights
ARBURG will be showcasing sophisticated and innovative machine technology, applications and processes at its trade fair stand. Experience everything there is to know about digital, sustainable and production-efficient plastics processing. In addition to our nine exhibits, eight other ALLROUNDERs will be on display at partner stands.
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Ready to wear: “green” sunglasses
A “smart” turnkey system based on an electric ALLROUNDER 570 A will produce “green” Uvex sunglasses from Bio-PA12 in a cycle time of around 50 seconds. The automated and computer-networked application involving human/robot interaction creates efficient and 100% traceable “ready-to-wear” products.

ALLROUNDER 1020 H "Packaging"

Sustainable: HolyGrail 2.0 and digital product passport
A hybrid ALLROUNDER 1020 H in a packaging version will use a stack mould to produce four thin-walled IML cups with lids from PP monomer material in a cycle time of around 5 seconds. The Holy Grail label contains digital watermarks whose patterns form a “digital” passport for intelligent sorting and recycling.
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ALLROUNDER 630 H "Packaging"

Efficient: Mass-produced medical devices
A hybrid ALLROUNDER 630 H in a packaging and clean room version will demonstrate the efficient mass production of medical devices. Using a 32-cavity mould, it can produce around 17,700 PET blood tubes per hour. Machine and tool communicate with each other via a new interface.


New: ALLROUNDER MORE produces “lab-on-a-chip”
The ALLROUNDER MORE series will be celebrating its trade fair premiere. The exhibit, which has a 1,600 kN clamping force, will use assembly injection moulding and two injection moulding programs to produce ready-to-use “lab-on-a-chips” made from transparent PC in a single step. No subsequent assembly or joining required.


Soft and sterilisable: Mask made of LSR
An electric ALLROUNDER 570 E GOLDEN ELECTRIC will produce four soft LSR masks that can be sterilised and used multiple times in a cycle time of 55 seconds. The dosing system is integrated into the control system via OPC UA (Euromap 82.3). This means that settings can be made, dosing parameters accessed, and a data set saved from this central point.

ALLROUNDER 270 S compact

Separable by type: Cups with “CurveCode”
A hydraulic ALLROUNDER 270 S compact will produce an espresso cup weighing around 20 grammes from chemically recycled PP in a cycle time of around 15 seconds. After use, the cups can be recycled by type with the aid of a material-specific “CurveCode”.


Automated: Overmoulding of loaded parts
A compact production cell based around a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V will use a 1+1-cavity mould to produce radius gauges in a cycle time of 35 seconds. Two injection moulding programs are used to do this. First, an insert is overmoulded on both sides, then a plasma-pretreated surface is overmoulded.

freeformer 300-3X

Specially designed: 200 °C for high-temperature plastics
The exhibit, a freeformer 300-3X, is specially designed for processing high-temperature plastics. The machine’s build chamber can be heated to 200 °C for this purpose. Functional components are manufactured from flame-retardant PEI/PC blend Ultem 9085, which is approved for aerospace applications.

LiQ 320 from innovatiQ

LSR additively processed: LAM process
An LiQ 320 3D printing system from innovatiQ, a sister company of ARBURG, will also be on display at the trade fair stand. The exhibit will produce parts from LSR original materials using Liquid Additive Manufacturing (LAM).