Are you integrating complex functions, overmolding inserts or additively processing conductive material? We offer a host of solutions for the electronics sector: vertical ALLROUNDERs, reel-to-reel systems and the freeformer.

Benefits at a glance


Are you looking to process even the most delicate inserts precisely and work simultaneously with injection molding? Then vertical ALLROUNDERs with servo-electric rotary tables are the solution for you.


If you value a small footprint and plenty of free space for insertion and removal, choose our V or T series ALLROUNDERs.


We provide comprehensive support with the integration of our vertical ALLROUNDER V and ALLROUNDER rotary table machines into automated production lines.


Turnkey reel-to-reel systems are our answer if you want to feed stamped parts from carrier tapes continuously and overmold them inline.

Example washing machine

Electronics industry

Detergent compartment

Detergent compartment

Detergent compartments are typical functional components for white goods that can be efficiently injection molded on ALLROUNDERs.

IMD panel

IMD panel

In-mold lamination of a washing machine panel: With our partner Leonhard Kurz, ARBURG has demonstrated how plastic surfaces can be enhanced using in-mold decoration (IMD).

Hose connection

Hose connection

Extrusion and injection molding in one process: An ARBURG turnkey system injects grommets on hoses for domestic appliances.

Pump housing

Pump housing

Pump housing in hard-soft combination, e.g. PP and TPE, protect against leakage and vibrations and ensure the desired quiet operation.


Overmolding cables

Flexible parts such as cables can be overmolded with a fully automated vertical machine. A six-axis robot inserts the cables into the cavities. The length of the cable loops can be set flexibly.

To turnkey projects

Sample components

3D-printed sensor

The freeformer allows users to integrate electronic components and produce customized sensors that detect metallic objects without contact.

Vollautomatisiertes Spritzgießen von Drehwinkelsensoren

Angle-of-rotation sensor

Three becomes one when the magnetic disc, platform and protective cap are injection-molded to form a functional angle-of-rotation sensor. There is no need for joining technology or downstream assembly.

Kabeldurchführungen mit Kunststoff umspritzt

Cable grommet

Flexible parts such as cables are individually prefabricated and inserted into the mold cavities with a six-axis robot. The length of the cable loops can be set flexibly.

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The multitude of sectors, technologies and applications is sure to include an example that meets your requirements. Draw inspiration for new ideas from our selection of components.

If you are overmolding inserts or producing hybrid components: use vertical ALLROUNDERs from the sector’s broadest program. Competitive, efficient and flexible.

We offer every freedom for your plastic product ideas. Or for hybrid components in combination with metal. Our modular ALLROUNDERs reliably overmold inserts.