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Demanding industries deserve the best technology and in-depth knowledge of the respective market. They expect it. We deliver it. Always tried and tested. And often ahead of the curve. Because that's what gives you an edge.

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Our aim is to enable you to manufacture high-quality products efficiently and in a way that conserves resources. To excellent standards of quality, with absolute reliability, and at an economical price.


We will work with you to find the very best and most modern plastic part solution for your production needs – from stand-alone to turnkey. You can count on us.


Work sustainably with us in several ways. Benefit from our production-efficient program and production. We can provide you with expert and comprehensive support.


Components for road, rail, motorsport, e-mobility – here, experience leads the way. With our solutions you can manufacture resilient plastic products to zero-defect quality. A clear path for you – and a smooth ride!

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Are you looking to produce high-quality packaging items such as thin-walled parts, IML products and screw caps quickly, reliably and efficiently? Our packaging machines make high-volume batches your success. Because we include your comprehensive system solution straight away.

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Electronics industry


Are you integrating complex functions, overmolding inserts or additively processing conductive material? Your market is highly charged. We know this. And we have the solutions: vertical ALLROUNDERs, reel-to-reel systems and the freeformer, for example.

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Medical industry


From pipette tips to micro valves and implants. Sensitive sectors such as medical technology require reliability. Our high-quality clean-room concepts meet all requirements for precision and cleanliness. We are extra meticulous about this. Better safe than sorry!

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Building Technology & mechanical engineering industry

Construction and equipment engineering

Competitive unit costs? Substituting materials? Combining plastics more efficiently? From building technology to mechanical engineering: a broad spectrum – and ARBURG is always your partner. Because you want to produce economically, effectively and flawlessly. And fast.

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Leisure, sport and garden industry


Do you want to mass produce high-quality products for leisure, sport and garden in a way that is economical? Then you can rely on efficient machine technology and individual turnkey solutions from ARBURG. Whether shoe soles, furniture handles or eyeglass frames – our customers produce under highly competitive conditions.

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Combining molded parts, colors and materials, rethinking additive manufacturing, realizing visions and bringing them into series production – that is your goal. We provide the opportunities.

The multitude of industries, technologies and applications is sure to include an example that meets your requirements. Draw inspiration for new ideas from our selection of components.

In a wide variety of sectors and applications, our customers achieve great things, demonstrate a spirit of innovation and produce parts that have long seemed impossible. With solutions from ARBURG.

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