Powder materials

With powder injection molding (PIM), you can process feedstocks based on ceramics (CIM) or metal (MIM). This allows you to mass produce components with complex geometries. After the initial forming, the components must be debound and fired in the conventional way.

Benefits at a glance


The PIM process combines the forming process of injection molding with the properties of metals and ceramics. For complex molded parts in high-volume production.

Dispensable steps

With the PIM process, you can dispense with extra expensive assembly and joining steps. This allows you to work quickly and efficiently. Use the alternative to milling or eroding.


Another reason why powder materials might be of interest to you is that materials that are difficult to machine and therefore expensive, such as titanium, can be formed very cost-effectively.


Do you have an ALLROUNDER in your company? Then in principle it is also suitable for powder processing. We tailor the technology to your individual requirements.


PIM laboratory

In our PIM laboratory, you can test all the important process steps – from feedstock and injection molding to binding and sintering of the molded parts.

To powder injection molding

Sample components

Heat sinks

Manufactured close to the final contour, bionically optimized heat sinks for LED lighting make use of the huge scope for forming offered by powder injection molding.


Ceramic ferrules connect glass fiber bundles for data transmission. Precise execution of the through hole, which is only 0.125 mm in size, is crucial. CIM achieves tolerances of +/- 10 µm.

This might also be of interest

The multitude of sectors, technologies and applications is sure to include an example that meets your requirements. Draw inspiration for new ideas from our selection of components.

Injection molding complex components made of metal (MIM) or ceramics (CIM)? No problem: powder injection molding (PIM) offers great design flexibility.

Take advantage of our expertise – from molded part design to mold and machine configuration. And application technology, for example in our Customer Center.