Powder injection molding (PIM) can be used to produce metal components for smartphones cost-effectively on standard machines, as ARBURG has demonstrated with its partner BASF using frames and thin-walled smartphone backs as examples.


Together with BASF, ARBURG produced segregation-free, thin-walled PIM housings for smartphones for the first time worldwide in 2016.


Metal injection molding (MIM) offers a low-material alternative to the conventional machining of stainless steel, titanium or zirconium oxide.


The mold with liquid-tempered hot runner produces very good surfaces that can be highly polished.

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ARBURG solutions used


A hydraulic ALLROUNDER 470 S with PIM equipment produces a green compact of a smartphone back in around 60 s cycle time. Frames can be produced alternatively with an interchangeable mold.

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Lineares Robot-System MULTILIFT SELECT


A MULTILIFT SELECT linear robotic system gently removes the parts and places them on a slide rail. The green compacts are then debound and sintered.

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ARBURG PIM laboratory

In ARBURG's own PIM laboratory in Lossburg, customers can test all the important process steps – from feedstock and injection molding to binding and sintering the molded parts.

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