"Greenline" dowel

The production of Fischer anchors in the "Greenline" series shows how alternative plastics can be reliably processed and recycled inline with ALLROUNDERs.


The dowels in the "Greenline" product series consist of 50 percent renewable raw materials based on castor oil.

Conserving resources

The sprue is discharged directly into a mill. The post-industrial recyclate (PIR) is returned directly to the process as reground material.


GESTICA control system: Digital assistance functions such as the "aXw Control RecyclatePilot" compensate for fluctuating material qualities.

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ARBURG solutions used


An electric ALLROUNDER 370 A produces four "Greenline" dowels, which are made from an alternative PA6.10 based on castor oil, in a cycle time of around 20 s.

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A MULTILIFT SELECT removes the molded part from the mold, ejects the sprue into a mill for returning to the process, and deposits the dowels on a conveyor belt.

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Recyclate package

The ARBURG recyclate package consists of hardware and software. A modified cylinder module and wear-resistant screw is also suitable for poorly flowing and abrasive materials.

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Functions of the GESTICA control system compensate for material fluctuations of recyclates. The PressurePilot, for example, controls the pressure in a bionically optimized way, while the RecyclatePilot ensures a stable shot weight using adaptive process control.

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Building technology & mechanical engineering

Make versatile use of our modular ALLROUNDERs. Also for products related to construction and mechanical engineering. The spectrum ranges from plumbing, fittings, pipes and dowels to grippers, housings and plug connectors.

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Building Technology & mechanical engineering industry

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