Production efficiency

Produce efficiently – every little helps! Increase the degree of utilization with small measures. With ARBURG, we always consider the entire value chain. For maximum component quality with minimum unit costs.


Give your production a complete overhaul! Take advantage of savings potential across the board! Increase efficiency and utilization – for example, through reduced cycle times, energy requirements, material usage, standstill times and scrap.


We take all influencing factors into account. With the aim of exploiting precisely those potentials that pay off in your company and lead to resource-saving, sustainable operations.


If you want to create reusable material cycles, you should trust a partner who also approaches things holistically – with high production efficiency and a low carbon footprint in mind.


“To fully utilize production capacities and to be able to operate economically, it is important to maximize the degree of utilization of each individual machine. This should be made a key issue in every injection molding facility.”

Andreas Reich, Divisional Manager Applications & Industries

Production efficiency examples

High-end injection molding technology

64 flat drippers for drip irrigation in just 1.68 s! This is possible when the high-performance electric ALLROUNDER and mold technology are designed for fast cycles. Maximum precision for over 137,000 parts per hour.

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Cube-mold technology

Smaller machine, more output: cube-mold technology saves around 40% cycle time when producing lower basket rollers for dishwashers. The reverse cube system from Foboha and the ALLROUNDER CUBE from ARBURG are designed for maximum efficiency.

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Process integration

Ready-to-use step stools are produced on an innovative turnkey system. A linear robotic system removes eight individual parts from the mold. Pre-assembly takes place on a rotary indexing table, and a six-axis robot handles the final assembly.

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Production efficiency

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