Production with added value

ARBURG produces innovative, cost effective high-end injection moulding technology that will help you reduce unit costs and produce parts conveniently and flexibly, with an extremely high level of precision. Our unique technical components enable you to work highly efficiently, day-in, day-out.

GESTICA control system

GESTICA control system

In GESTICA, ARBURG has developed a control system that both optimises the injection moulding process and actively supports operators. It is designed to meet the highly diverse injection moulding requirements of all plastic processing sectors. more...

Predictive maintenance: Performance-dependent lubrication

Performance-dependent lubrication

Save working hours and lubricants: With performance-based lubrication, maintenance intervals are no longer simply defined on the basis of operating hours or by the number of cycles, but are calculated individually, depending on the forces, speeds, strokes, and times that have been set. more...

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Ease of operation: aXw Control FillAssist

aXw Control FillAssist

The FillAssist function for the GESTICA control system allows the filling level of the component to be animated in relation to the current position of the screw as a 3D graphic in real time. Expert installation technicians also benefit from this information as it saves them valuable time. more...

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Energy efficiency: ASH servo-hydraulics

ASH servo-hydraulics

The ARBURG servo-hydraulic system (ASH) permits particularly energy-efficient and low-emission operation of hydraulic injection moulding machines. With a speed-controlled, water-cooled servo motor, the drive system adjusts continuously to the actual power requirement. more...

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Cycle time reduction: Servo-electric toggle system

Servo-electric toggle system

Servo electric toggle systems are the ideal supplement to our fully-hydraulic clamping units. Dynamic mould movements enable extremely short dry cycle times. All positions are moved to with precision. The technology also features greater energy efficiency. more...

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Precision: aXw Control ScrewPilot

aXw Control ScrewPilot

In the injection moulding process, precision is directly related to the dynamics and reproducibility of the injection movement. This is exactly what the ScrewPilot developed by us enables – including with hydraulically and electrically driven injection units. more...

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Flexibility: Pivoting clamping unit

Pivoting clamping unit

The central element of our ALLROUNDER principle is the pivoting clamping unit, which is available with the interchangeable injection unit on the hydraulic ALLROUNDER S injection moulding machines. These features have significantly expanded the potential field of applications – for over 50 years. more...

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