LSR/LSR combination offers added value

Watch manufacturing reinvented: the example of the LSR/LSR wristwatch illustrates the innovative concepts that emerge based on our overarching expertise. Combining multi-component injection moulding, silicone processing and automation makes it possible to produce two complete watches in one minute.

The centrepiece of the turnkey system is an electric two-component injection moulding machine from the ALLDRIVE series. Using a 2+2-cavity mould, two two-colour wrist straps are produced from liquid silicone fully automatically in a cycle time of 60 s. A linear MUTILIFT robotic system removes the moulded parts and sets them down in a cooling station and then an assembly station. Here, they are assembled into ready-to-wear wristwatches.


  • Watch strap "in one shot": LSR/LSR combination offers a high level of design freedom and pleasant tactile properties
  • "Ready-to-use" manufacturing in a single step: automated assembly within the injection moulding cycle
  • Quality in high volumes: reliable flash and waste-free operation due to coordinated high-end technology
  • Central SELOGICA control system: mould functions, injection units and automation immediately accessible
  • Efficient turnkey solution: ARBURG offers wide-ranging expertise and modular technology


Basic specifications

Cavities: 2 + 2
Part weight: 16.5 g
Material: LSR + LSR
Cycle time: 60 s


The coloured silicone wrist straps are injection moulded using an electric two-component ALLROUNDER 570 A. Two pre-moulded parts and two finished parts are produced in a cycle time of 60 s. Numerous technical details such as a regulated cooling water manifold ensure consistently high part quality.
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Robotic system
Assembly as a ready-to-use wristwatch takes place automatically within the injection moulding cycle. A linear MUTILIFT V 15 robotic system removes the wrist straps and sets them down in a cooling station and then an assembly station. Here, they are fitted with the watch housing and a clasp.
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Process and know-how

Multi-component injection moulding
The two injection units are horizontally arranged in an L-configuration and can each be moved independently. The pre-moulded parts are transferred precisely and rapidly via a servo-electric rotary unit. The production sequence can be reliably optimised via the central SELOGICA control system.
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Silicone injection moulding
Silicones have many interesting properties: the flexible material remains free from fatigue and discolouration and offers particularly pleasant tactile properties as well as a high degree of design freedom. Reliable processing of LSR requires technology coordinated in detail, such as cold runners in the mould for sprueless part production.
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The top priority is the common goal of always finding the most cost-effective solution. This calls for interdisciplinary expertise. As a technology and systems partner we cover a particularly broad spectrum and can offer you expert support for the implementation of your requirements.
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Technical injection moulding
Are you looking for innovative overall concepts to make production more efficient, reduce unit costs and increase added value? As a technology and systems partner we can offer you overarching expertise and modular technology for individual turnkey solutions in order to, for example, rethink watch manufacturing.
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