Anyone using complex moulds would like their handling to be as simple and safe as possible. With the “Sub-sequences” function, the SELOGICA control system offers you a practical solution that gives machine operators the certainty that they can do nothing wrong. Work is effectively made more efficient.

In principle, a sub-sequence works automatically during manual or set-up operation. Based on the machine production sequence, the individual steps to be performed can be compiled as required. Regardless of their position and function. This applies, for example, to the intermediate stop or monitoring functions for the machine, mould and peripheral signals.

What we offer you

  • Simple operation: individual configuration of up to four “automatic sequences” relating to a production sequence
  • Do the thinking only once: automatically save sub-sequences in the program
  • Reduce machine operator workload: moulds can be reliably moved apart without collisions
  • Efficient working: faults can be rectified significantly more simply, safely, and quickly
  • Smooth production start: sequences such as “eject moulded parts” at the press of a button in manual operation
  • Utilise new options in manual operation: e.g. air blast or entry of brush devices with rotating brushes into the mould