Maintenance programme

A sure eye for maintenance

With our control system, nothing is left to chance. Your SELOGICA features a user-friendly maintenance programme, which reliably monitors due dates for injection moulding machines, moulds and peripherals and automatically reminds you of necessary maintenance work.

This is how you can use the SELOGICA to produce a clear maintenance plan for the entire production unit. The due date for the maintenance work is regularly monitored and displayed in good time. The orderly implementation of the pending maintenance work is acknowledged in the control system.

What you should do

  • Maintenance work and intervals for moulds and peripherals should be entered in the control system in plain text form - the corresponding information for the machine itself is recorded as standard
  • Activate the warning threshold in order to gain information about forthcoming maintenance work in good time Clearly track maintenance activities and provide evidence for audits and certifications
  • Your SELOGICA automatically logs and saves every acknowledgement in a so-called maintenance log