Even mould filling

Standard SELOGICA function improves balancing

Flexible control system adjustment options are required, especially with increasingly dynamic machines and multi-cavity moulds. The objective is uniform filling of the mould cavities. Here, the SELOGICA control system offers effective help with "switchover via ramps".

The standard function enables a smooth transition from the injection pressure to the holding pressure stages. This "smooth" switchover allows for compensation of the different and fluctuating pressure conditions in the individual cavities, both with slow as well as relatively fast-solidifying materials.

We offer you

  • Standard functionality: "Switchover via ramps" is available on all ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines
  • Smooth switchover: Pressure control during the transition from injection pressure to holding pressure actively affects mould filling and is therefore not only dependent on the exerted pressures
  • Straightforward programming: Only the time span of the ramp function needs to be set as a parameter
  • Unchanged cycle time: Holding pressure may be lower, depending on the ramp
  • Improved balancing: Fluctuating pressure conditions in the individual cavities are balanced
  • High level of mould reliability: Under-filling and flash formation can be prevented, thus reducing the risk of damage to moulds
  • Even mould filling: Filling differences with multi-cavity moulds are reduced
  • Reproducible injection moulding process: Differences in the part weights from cycle to cycle are reduced