HIDRIVE – New machine technology

The benchmark for maximum performance in every industry. Our new machine technology can be customised precisely to your requirements.

Benefits at a glance


Economical drives and an integrated configuration not only have a positive impact on your carbon footprint, but are also an effective way of saving costs in production.


Can be customised precisely to any requirement thanks to three performance variants plus a comprehensive range of options and special versions, such as for packaging applications.

Reliable and precise

Premium quality and technical maturity paired with smart assistance functions ensure the utmost precision, reliability and availability.

Smart and productive

Smart machine control, optional equipment and automation: We provide you with the perfect overall package to help you run your production as productively and effectively as possible.

Always a great fit: our performance variants




Efficient and reliable for technical parts

For a wide variety of applications

For high-speed and demanding processes

Energy requirement down by up to 50%
Significantly lower energy requirements and emissions
Dry cycle times around 40% shorter
Cooling water and oil requirement reduced by up to 35%
Dry cycle times around 30% shorter
Simultaneous, precise movement of all axes using hydraulic accumulator technology
Dry cycle times around 30% shorter
Move two hydraulic secondary axes simultaneously
GESTICA as standard
Accessibility for service and set-up processes optimised
GESTICA as standard
"aXw Control ScrewPilot" as standard


GESTICA controller

The unique GESTICA controller is praised by our customers for its efficiency, ergonomics and intuitiveness. With its smart assistance functions, it makes your work fast, reliable and simple.

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