Decentralised training of service technicians

Highly qualified ARBURG technicians worldwide

In order to provide optimal service to the customers worldwide, ARBURG will train the service technicians to a unified high standard on a decentralised basis. Jason Ding from ARBURG Shanghai is the first service technician who has undergone the challenging basic course to become a trainer.

Training to become a trainer
Jason Ding, who has previously worked as a Service Manager at ARBURG Shanghai, is the first service technician from a subsidiary to complete the three month basic course to become a trainer and will train service technicians in China in future. During his time in Europe, he received instruction on methods and structures that he will use to train his team of technicians in China.

On-site training in the local language
Jason Ding cites a major advantage of decentralised training: “In China, it’s still difficult to find suitable employees with good English skills. That’s why training in the local language is better suited for communicating all the content in detail.” The ARBURG strategy of providing well-founded training to personnel at the subsidiaries is also aimed at strengthening the corporate culture, developing a feeling of togetherness and therefore positively impacting on employee loyalty to the company.