Debut: 2020 sustainability report

Check out the interactive PDF online

Debut: ARBURG’s new sustainability report shares the Company’s long-term sustainability plans and practices for all relevant areas with the rest of the world. Even the interactive sustainability report itself is sustainable. The interactive document can be found on the ARBURG website and will not be available in printed form.

Sustainable practices in all areas
The 2020 sustainability report provides an overview with plenty of infographics, explaining what ARBURG is doing to protect the environment and its resources, as well as for its employees, stakeholders and the region. To make this information easily accessible for all readers, it has been written in simple language, with plenty of graphics and clickable links for more information. By doing this, the document gives a comprehensive overview of how ARBURG sees sustainability and what the Company is doing to achieve it. The sustainability report, totalling 53 pages, is not only an information and marketing tool, but boldly and simply documents the efforts to improve sustainability with regard to customers, partners and the interested public. In this sense, it complements the arburgGREENworld programme for a more circular economy and efficient use of resources.

The basis for the data collection for the report is the state of Baden-Wuerttenberg’s sustainability management system, the "WIN-Charta". This too involves a voluntary commitment to sustainability – a clear promise of economic, ecological and social responsibility from companies. The WIN-Charta consists of twelve statements, covering, amongst other topics, human and employee rights, employee well-being, resources, energy and emissions, product responsibility and anti-corruption. It plays a key role in the added value that a company such as ARBURG can create for a region.

Information updated annually
The debut of the 2020 sustainability report will be followed by new, up-to-date information each year, showing the sustainability objectives ARBURG has set and which areas require further improvement and better results.