Monitored vacuum generator

Assuring vacuum function

Greater reliability and fewer unplanned production disruptions: the real-time capable network system of our ALLROUNDERs also allows condition monitoring of components. We have installed these, for example, in vacuum generators for our MULTILIFT V and MULTILIFT SELECT robotic systems.

The vacuum generators are fully integrated into the machine control system. This allows all settings to be saved directly in the data set. The energy-efficient vacuum control with air saving function works in dependence of a defined threshold value. By monitoring evacuation times and pressure drops, possible leaks, contamination or wear on suction pads can be detected at an early stage. Furthermore, an automatic function test is provided for the vacuum system when it is switched on.


  • Vacuum control with air saving function reduces compressed air consumption and noise levels in production
  • Early detection of possible leaks, contamination or wear by means of dynamic pressure measurement and monitoring of the pressure gradient
  • Fault-free production sequence