Servo-electric drive

Energy-efficient, fast and high-precision

In our servo-electric drives we are uncompromising in our focus on high-end technology. Liquid-cooled motors ensure smooth running conditions and temperature stability without air turbulence. Spindle drives permit high acceleration and avoid dirt due to abrasion.

We use our entry-level model GOLDEN ELECTRIC ball screw drives with specific applications in mind. In contrast, our high-precision electric ALLDRIVE and the powerful hybrid HIDRIVE use planetary roller screw drives.


  • Precise and dynamic: play-free power transmission with direct spindle gear units
  • Productive: independent drives reduce cycle times
  • Energy saving: liquid-cooled servo motors with energy recovered during braking fed back to the mains
  • Low-emission: no wear, less noise and waste heat
  • Reliable: highly stable planetary roller screw drives are extremely robust
  • Ideal for clean-room applications