Electric machines

Setting standards: precise, fast and high-end

The principles behind our electric ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines are both performance-oriented and cost-efficient. The spectrum ranges from the standardised GOLDEN ELECTRIC general purpose model to the high-precision, individually adaptable ALLDRIVE machines. This means you will achieve competitive unit costs at all times.

The innovative drive technology makes the machines reliable and economical in the clamping force range from 350 to 6,500 kN. Spindle gear units and servo motors are selected according to the most stringent criteria in terms of function and quality. Numerous technically sophisticated details, such as automatic clamping force control or the automatic central oil lubrication system ensure stable processes and effectively minimise set-up and maintenance times.


  • Direct-acting spindle drives ensure maximum reproducibility and part quality
  • Energy requirements are up to 50 % lower than for standard hydraulic machines
  • Low emissions due to liquid-cooled servo-electric drives
  • New benchmark GESTICA: smart control technology “Made by ARBURG”
  • Ready for digitalisation: standard assistance packages and connectivity modules for ALLROUNDERs in clamp design
  • Special micro injection unit (EUROMAP 5) with 8-mm injection screw


Servo-electric drives
Our servo-electric drives operate with comparatively low emissions. Spindle systems and gears are encapsulated to reliably prevent contamination through abraded material. Moreover, the liquid cooling system ensures correspondingly low air turbulence and silent operation.
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Performance-dependent lubrication
Save working hours and lubricants: With performance-based lubrication, maintenance intervals are no longer simply defined on the basis of operating hours or by the number of cycles, but are calculated individually, depending on the forces, speeds, strokes, and times that have been set.
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Application examples

Uvex glasses
Ready to wear: uvex sunglasses serve as a perfect example of the potential that can be harnessed by combining product design specifically tailored to plastics with automated production. The one-part sunglasses in filter category 2 can be manufactured efficiently and in a cost-effective way in a single step, with no assembly required.
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Watch manufacturing reinvented: the example of the LSR/LSR wristwatch illustrates the innovative concepts that emerge based on our overarching expertise. Combining multi-component injection moulding, silicone processing and automation makes it possible to produce two complete watches in one minute.
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Micro counter wheel
Precision small parts, such as micro counter wheels weighing only 0.004 g, can be produced to a high standard on optimised ARBURG standard machines. A special micro-production cell enables us to offer you an efficient solution for shot weights measured in milligrams.
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Dental drill
Unlike their metal counterparts, dental drills made from PEEK only remove the carious material. The tiny parts are produced for dental practices as cost-effective “ready-to-use” disposable items in a single step.
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