UVEX sunglasses

Ready-to-use design product in one shot

‘Ready to wear’: The example of the UVEX sunglasses shows its potential when combined with a product design in line with the plastics used and automated production. The one-piece sunglasses in filter category 2 can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively in one step without assembly.

The production cell around an electric injection moulding machine ALLROUNDER 570 A ensures an extremely reliable process: From component-specific laser marking to checking the light transmission and UV impermeability right through to sprue separation. The sunglasses are packaged in a functional bag, for example, by a man-robot cooperation.


  • Efficient turnkey solution: produce visual ‘ready to wear’ components in one step
  • Quality in series: one hundred percent check of optical characteristics and reliable sprue separation
  • Plant-specific SCADA system: merging of relevant process data and quality data
  • Digital traceability: Important data can be retrieved any time on a part-specific basis


Basic specifications

UVEX sunglasses
Cavities: 1
Part weight: 16.7 g
Material: PA 12
Cycle time: 50 s


The centre-piece of the system is an electric ALLROUNDER 570 A with OPC UA interface. The sunglasses are produced in consistently high quality in a cycle time of around 50 seconds. The filling assistant is used for quick and safe set-up of the sophisticated application.
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Robotic system
A multi-axis robotic system performs the gentle removal and reliable handling of the sunglasses for the downstream work steps including laser marking, quality assurance and sprue separation. Its mobility forms the basis for reducing the complexity and costs of grippers and peripheral equipment.
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ARBURG Turnkey Control Module (ATCM)
The ATCM stores data from the injection moulding process for each component and combines this with the results of the optical characteristics check. If required, the ATCM can start non-cyclical production processes, for example the removal of parts for quality control purposes.
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The top priority is the common goal of always finding the most cost-effective solution. This calls for interdisciplinary expertise. As a technology and systems partner we cover a particularly broad spectrum and can offer you expert support for the implementation of your requirements.
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The example of UVEX sunglasses impressively demonstrates how the cost-effectiveness of a production process can be increased. The production of ready-to-use articles in one step is achieved by combining a product design in line with the plastics used and a turnkey system which is traceable at any time.
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Optical characteristics checkJ & M