LED Lense

Shining example of energy efficiency

ARBURG participates in the OptiLight research project for the energy-efficient production of innovative hybrid lenses for LED streetlights. With the injection compression moulding process, precision free-form surfaces are produced which deflect the light in a targeted manner, according to a rectangular illumination profile.

The energy-efficient LED lenses are produced using an equally energy-efficient electric ALLROUNDER ALLDRIVE injection moulding machine. The project is sponsored by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and supervised by Projektträger Karlsruhe (PTKA). The objective is an efficient production chain for the high-volume production of microstructured, thick-walled polymer hybrid lenses.


  • ARBURG supports the research project with regard to mould design and injection moulding
  • Injection compression moulding produces low-stress LED lenses with high contour accuracy, which distribute the light in an optimum manner
  • Reliable prevention of shrinkage and distortion

Basic specifications

LED lens
Cavities: 2
Part weight: 4.5 g
Material: PMMA
Thickness: max. 9.5 mm


The LED lenses are produced on an electric ALLROUNDER ALLDRIVE with a clamping force of 600 kN. The servo-electric toggle-type clamping unit is characterised by dynamic injection with high repeat accuracy. A hydraulic ejector enables long compression processes at high forces.
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Robotic system
For gentle removal of the lenses, the production cell is equipped with a vertically operating MULTILIFT V. The three servo-electric axes of this linear robotic system can by synchronised with the machine movements.
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Injection compression moulding
Using this process, thick-walled lenses can be produced with low stress and without sink marks, while also ensuring high contour accuracy. In order to comprehensively meet the high quality requirements, the process sequence is of great importance. With the SELOGICA control system, you can implement your compression processes to optimum effect.
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The injection compression moulding process is ideally suited for the production of thick-walled optical components such as LED lenses. ARBURG has configured the machine and tools precisely to the manufacture of low-stress LED lenses and participated in the production of a prototype mould.
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MouldFraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT)
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