Dental drill

Targeted treatment of caries

Unlike their metal counterparts, dental drills made from PEEK only remove the carious material. The tiny parts are produced for dental practices as cost-effective “ready-to-use” disposable items in a single step.

Maximum precision is ensured by an electric injection moulding machine from the ALLDRIVE series In the docked clean room cells, a six-axis robotic system places the dental drills correctly in blister packs. These are individually perforated, printed and removed from the cell in units of ten by means of a conveyor belt. No refinishing or sterilization is required prior to use.


  • Ready-for-use final product Fully automatic injection moulding, packaging and printing in one step
  • Precision: moulded parts weighing only 0.8 g with tolerances measured in the hundredth of a millimetre range
  • Central monitoring: automation and peripherals integrated in the SELOGICA machine control system
  • Simple and flexible programming: six-axis robotic system with the same user interface as the machine control system
  • All from a single source: ARBURG offers a complete production cell, consisting of an injection moulding machine, robotic system, clean room cell and packaging system

Basic specifications

Dental drill
Cavities: 2
Part weight: 0,8 g
Material: PEEK
Cycle time: 25-30 s


An ALLROUNDER 370 A injection moulding machine produces two tiny drills in a cycle time of around 30 seconds. Because tolerances measured in the hundredth of a millimetre range have to be met, all the axes important for part quality, i.e. injection, dosage and mould movements are driven electrically.
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Robotic system
Two drills are automatically packaged, simultaneously with the injection moulding cycle. The flexible six-axis robotic system moves to a number of positions within the room for this purpose. It removes the moulded parts from the mould, sets them down onto a cooling station and then inserts them the right way around in the blister packaging.
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Clean room technology
A six-axis robotic system and packaging system are docked to the machine with a sealed guarding. Together with the clean air modules that cover the entire working area, a completely encapsulated clean room cell is created that meets the requirements of clean room class 7.
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Medical technology
Plastics are ideally suited for the medical technology sector. They are unrivalled in terms of cost effectiveness and predestined for injection moulding into virtually any shape and production quantity. Dental drills are produced and packaged “ready-for-use” in a single step in the clean room.
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Packaging systemA&D
ManufacturerPfaff (Waldkirch/Germany)