Machine technology and innovative processes

At Stand 13A13, ARBURG will be using eight ALLROUNDERs and one freeformer to showcase machine technology and innovative processes for efficient injection moulding. These include the first ALLROUNDER that can be ordered online, and complex turnkey systems for the production of items such as ready-to-use 2-component handles or sunglasses and the micro injection moulding of LSR components weighing 0.009 g.

Another eleven ALLROUNDERs can be seen on partner stands. The spectrum ranges from a new cube-mould technology and other sophisticated applications for packaging technology, through LSR injection moulding and multi-component processing to the automated media-impermeable overmoulding of plug contacts.


  • Machine premieres: hybrid ALLROUNDER 1020 H - packaging model, hydraulic ALLROUNDER 270 S and ALLROUNDER 1600 T rotary table machine
  • Prospects for additive manufacturing: freeformer 300-4X for fibre-reinforced components
  • FOBOHA cube application: Innovative reverse cube system for ALLROUNDER CUBE reduces cycle times by 40%


K 2019 stand brochure (PDF - 2.2 MB)

ALLROUNDER 1020 H - packaging model

Clamp-design machine with GESTICA control system
The new packaging model of the hybrid ALLROUNDER 1020 H (6,000 kN clamping force, new injection unit 7000) produces eight cups made from PP with 30% recyclates in a cycle time of approx. 4.3 seconds. The cups are automatically removed, stacked, and packaged in tubular film.

2-component ALLROUNDER 630 A

Foaming of PCR material
The two-component machine produces two-component handles for ALLROUNDER safety doors. To do this, PCR from household waste is processed in a ProFoam foam injection moulding process, the two halves of the handle are assembled in the mould, and are then overmoulded with a soft TPE component. A new MULTILIFT V 30 with a 30 kg load performs the handling tasks.


Surfaces with touch functions
An electric ALLROUNDER 470 A uses partner TaktoTek’s IMSE technology to show how functional products are produced using film insert moulding (FIM). In the course of this, pre-formed films with electronic functions and LEDs are inserted into the mould and laminated. As a demonstrator, the machine produces a night light in a cycle time of around 60 seconds.


LSR micro components
A compact production cell built around an electric ALLROUNDER 270 A produces delicate LSR caps for micro switches. The machine is equipped with a micro injection unit, 8 mm LSR screw, and an LSR cartridge. Injections take place according to the first-in-first-out principle. The shot weight is only 0.072 grams.

ALLROUNDER 270 S compact

ARBURG machine that can be configured online
Premiere: With the ALLROUNDER 270 S compact, ARBURG is bringing to market its first injection moulding machine that customers can configure for themselves in a few steps and purchase online via an app in the arburgXworld customer portal. Investing in the machine costs around 25% less than a standard hydraulic machine.


Flexible production with no changeovers
The exhibit uses a 1 + 1-cavity family mould to produce two different products – without any changeovers at all. Plastic-bonded magnetic material is processed to form a gear wheel and a rotor on an alternating basis. The magnetic alignment takes place directly in the mould. A MULTILIFT SELECT robotic system performs the handling tasks.

freeformer 300-4X

Technology outlook
The new freeformer 300-4X can additively process continuous filaments, thanks to an additional fourth axis. As a result, components with local reinforcement can be realised for the first time in the APF process. The exhibit additively produces a hand orthosis with glass fibre reinforcement in hard/soft combination.