Thermoset injection moulding

Material for extreme situations

Thanks to their high mechanical strength and rigidity, granular thermosets and moist polyester (BMC) are the perfect materials when extra harness is required. See here how the INJESTER screw-type tamping unit can be used to precisely feed BMC and how fully automated production cells can produce ready-to-use thermoset parts, including re-working.

Insulating rail

BMC brought into shape
Heat resistant insulating rails for domestic irons are made from a BMC moist polyester. Special materials of this kind require special machine technology such as the INJESTER screw feeder device from ARBURG to ensure optimum feed of the fibrous material.

The insulating rails are produced on a hydraulic ALLROUNDER 570 S injection moulding machine. A six-axis robotic system removes the moulded parts from the machine, sets them down on an intermediate buffer and transfers the cooled parts to the next station. Its complex 3-D movements enable accurate finishing of the outer contours. The robotic system then moves the finished parts to a quality and functional inspection station before stacking them.
to the moulded part