Clean room technology

Precise, clean and fully automated

To ensure that the product quality is right, clean room applications must operate precisely, automatically and under particle and germ-free conditions. In this context, ARBURG offers a host of innovative solutions: these range from the production cell docked to the clean room to individual configurations and turnkey clean room concepts.

Pipette tip

GMP-compliant mass production
The production of disposable medical items such as pipette tips places high demands, not only in terms of hygiene and product quality, but also on productivity. Through the consistent use and individual adaptation of high-end technology, 50,000 parts per hour can reliably be produced.

Mass production of the pipette tips is based on an electric injection moulding machine from the high-performance ALLDRIVE series. In conjunction with mould technology and automation designed for fast cycles, a turnkey solution is created with which highly efficient production is achieved: 64 parts, which leave the system densely packed in trays of 96 units, are produced in only around 4.7 seconds.


Production in the clean room
Precisely operating electric injection moulding machines in stainless steel versions are ideally suited for clean room production. Closed spindle drives as well as liquid-cooled motors and control cabinets contribute towards low-emission production.

ARBURG also implements turnkey clean room concepts, e.g. for the production of covers for the medical technology sector on an electric ALLROUNDER 520 A with a 32-cavity mould. The machine is easy to clean. This results in short downtimes and a high degree of production efficiency. Part handling is performed by a six-axis robotic system adapted for clean room operation, implemented with the SELOGICA user interface.