Is your production efficient?

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How efficiently does my injection moulding facility produce? There is no simple answer to this key question. Consequently, our experts have developed a test with which you can individually assess your company, determine its current situation and identify potential improvements.

Identifying savings potential based on ten questions
The ARBURG “Production efficiency” self-test comprises ten questions covering all aspects of the value-added chain, from product design through to production planning. The evaluation at the end of the test not only quickly shows you where your company currently stands. You also discover what direction further development should take in terms of production efficiency.

Production efficiency self-test (PDF - 0,2 MB)

Tip: Switch off the pump
Increasing production efficiency does not necessarily require capital investments, but also relates to organisational aspects and processes. You can enhance the cost-effectiveness of your production to some extent through simple measures that incur no additional costs. So, for example, it is worth checking the difference between “pump operating hours” and “operating hours in automatic mode”. If this exceeds ten percent, the pump is frequently operating when nothing is being produced. In order to prevent unnecessary wastage of energy, it should be ensured that the pump is switched off, e.g. during set-up. This example also makes clear how important it is to raise awareness among personnel in this regard.