Review of our sixth episode

Digital all the way – arburgXworld in detail

"Digital all the way – arburgXworld in detail" was the name of the sixth arburgXvision episode. Around 500 viewers followed the show live online and actively participated in the interactive TV broadcast. The studio guests were ARBURG experts Benjamin Franz, Team Manager for Digital Solutions, and Stephan Reich, Head of IT Application Development.

Cutting costs through digitalisation and stable processes
In the first expert presentation, Benjamin Franz highlighted how ARBURG is gearing itself specifically towards customer needs and market requirements and how each customer can use the bundled digital services of the central "arburgXworld" platform in a customised manner.
ARBURG expert Stephan Reich revealed to the viewers the benefits that digital networking can have along the entire value chain and the importance of digital data management.

Demonstrated live: digital processes simplify everyday injection moulding tasks
In two live segments broadcast from the Lossburg Training Center, the viewers were shown how "arburgXworld" actively supports users in their day-to-day work. First, process engineer Ralf Kube presented the most important features of the customer portal. The second live segment focused on the potential offered by digitally networked machines for monitoring, analysing and documenting injection moulding processes.

Interactive questions and summary
During the final panel discussion with host Guido Marschall, the experts summarised the main findings of the episode and answered the viewers' questions live on air.

Next episode: the ideal service!
What makes ARBURG's services so special? Find out precisely this from Lars Langner, divisional manager of Service, and Uwe Klumpp, head of Product Training, in our seventh arburgXvision live broadcast “The perfect service! Quick help when it counts” on Thursday, 29 July 2021 at 2pm.
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