Enhancing productivity development

Electrical ALROUNDER for excellent training classes

ARBURG Thailand signed a memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Foundation for Industrial Development Thai-German Institute (TGI) to further strengthen their long-term partnership. ARBURG will also provide a brand new ALLROUNDER 470 E with MULTILIFT SELECT 6 to TGI.

The aim of this cooperation project is to deepen TGI’s capabilities in the emerging areas of plastic injection moulding technology and applications. These capabilities and specialist skills will in turn be used to train and develop the trainees of TGI. It will also upgrade the capabilities of the staff and promote this technology to personnel from the industry through seminars and workshops. TGI will conduct customized training courses for technical personnel from the industry based on their needs.

Mr. David Chan, Managing Director ARBURG ASEAN, is convinced: “We will build a strong synergy with TGI as they are one of the foremost institutes in the effective training for plastics industry in Thailand”.
The Thai-German Institute is a joint initiative of the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Government of the Federal Republic of German. The aim was to build an effective training center for transferring advanced manufacturing technology to the Thai industry. Thai-German Institute started its official operations back in September 1992.

The MOU was signed in the presence of Mr. Somwang Boonrakcharoen, the President of the Thai-German Institute at the head office in Amata Nakhorn Industrial Estate. “We aim to be a leading organization for enhancing productivity development of manufacturing industry by upgrading manufacturing technology, innovation in automation and robotics, machinery and mould and die to drive competitiveness capacity in the age of Industry 4.0. We are excited to cooperate with ARBURG, as they are one of leading companies focusing on Industry 4.0 and the innovative transferring of technology in plastic injection moulding. This partnership will enable us to utilise the ARBURG ALLROUNDER injection moulding machine to get excellent training while the industry will benefit from a skilled workforce.”, says Mr. Boonrakcharoen.

The manufacturing industry in Thailand is looking to Industry 4.0 to boost the industrial sector. Quick access to a wide range of technologies and reliable products from leading brands will help the manufacturing sector adopt and integrate Industry 4.0 effectively to stay ahead.

ARBURG’s Ruben Sander, Director Operations ASEAN Region, says “One of our company missions is to be a technology transfer leader for Industry 4.0 (smart factory). Particularly when it comes to plastics processing. Therefore, we are very proud to support TGI to be a major development center to support Thai manufacturers to implement Industry 4.0.The collaboration between ARBURG and TGI will enhance the innovation technology development towards the plastics industry in Thailand

Ms. Ratree Boonsay, Branch Manager ARBURG Thailand, added: “This is not just about modernization of infrastructure for TGI but we will continue to support and strengthen TGI to be an Industry Intelligence Unit. We will grow together with TGI. In addition, we provide a sophisticated electrical ALLROUNDER 470 E MULTILIFT SELECT 6 with implemented IIoT machine connectivity. It will be used as the smart factory showcase for training and workshops.” 

About Thai-German Institute:
Thai-German Institute (TGI) was established in September 1992 in Thailand. The institute has three main professional centers:

  • Manufacturing Automation and Robotic Center
  • Mould Die and Machine Tool Center
  • Maintenance and Industrial Center.


TGI offers a variety of courses, seminars and workshops based on the requirements of the advanced manufacturing sector.
For more details on the Thai-German Institute (TGIT) including their Training and Seminar programme click here.