Traditional Buddhist monks blessing

ARBURG Thailand blessed

ARBURG Thailand, new premises, was given the blessing by Buddhist monks from the Wat Bang Chalong Nok temple in Bangplee, Samutprakarn. The ceremony was celebrated to all ARBURG Thailand members and new premises to bring happiness and prosperity for the upcoming year.

ARBURG Thailand blessed by Buddhist monks for brilliant start
The traditional monk blessing ceremony took place on Friday, May 10 in the morning. Nine monks lined up, dressed in their traditional robes, and started the ceremony with prayers and ancient chants before blessing the premises and members with holy water.
Ratree Boonsay, Branch Manager ARBURG Thailand, said “Thailand is a Buddhist country, Thai people like to receive a blessing on birthdays or when starting a new business, even when getting a new house. As we are opening the new premises officially on May 17, we believe this ceremony to bring good fortune to our business and staff.”