Foboha's 'Rubik's Cube'

Foboha's 'Rubik's Cube'

Cube-mould technology at its best: inject two components and then rotate the cube halves in opposite directions like a Rubik's Cube. Then assemble 24 components simultaneously in the mould: Foboha's Reverse Cube system for the ALLROUNDER CUBE, automated with a six-axis robot, can do just that.


Sophisticated cube-mould technology: up to 40% less cycle time than with two separate injection moulding machines and assembly.


The turnkey system with ALLROUNDER CUBE 2900 and six-axis robot produces ready-to-install lower basket rollers for dishwashers.


A single cube machine replaces three machines including assembly systems, saving a huge amount of money and space.


“When all partners involved contribute their extensive experience and know-how, fantastic technical solutions such as our Reversecube cube technology can be the result.”

Rainer Armbruster, Managing Director of Foboha


The Reverse Cube system with a 24+24-cavity mould and the ALLROUNDER CUBE with a clamping force of 2,900 kN are precisely coordinated with and adapted to each other in terms of software, automation and QA evaluation, for example. While the PP bushings are moulded on the lower half of the cube, the corresponding POM rollers are created opposite on the top. The cube halves then rotate 90° in opposing directions. On the passive cube sides, the moulded parts cool down to such an extent that the individual parts can be assembled directly in the mould. This task is performed by a six-axis robot integrated into the control system at the rear of the machine without affecting cycle time. Process monitoring and 100 per cent parts inspection are automated.


“Together we have shown how an extraordinary tool idea from Foboha translates into commercial success.”

Jörg Vetter, Technical Director at Hermann Hauff

Reverse Cube: produces the part 40% faster


Originally, cube-mould technology was mainly used in the packaging industry, but it is now finding its way into more and more new areas of application. This is because high volumes are also sometimes achieved in areas such as medical technology, health care and technical parts. An automated packaging station can be added to the existing turnkey system for lower basket rollers, and the entire process up to the deliverable product can be carried out automatically.

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