Multi-component injection moulding

What do you need for your multi-component technology? Very flexible configurations. That's what the modular ALLROUNDERs are capable of. With our technology and advice, we provide solutions tailored precisely to your production requirements.

Benefits at a glance


Multi-component injection moulding combines different materials and colours to create high-quality plastic parts. 

Rich in variants

ALLROUNDERs for process-specific multi-component injection moulding such as marbling, interval and sandwich injection moulding. With core-back, transfer, turning and stack-turning mould technology.


You can choose between hydraulic, electric and vertical machines plus the ALLROUNDER CUBE machine. The mould technology? Fully integrated.

Fully automatic

We are the right partner for automation and turnkey systems too. So that you can fully automate the production of multi-component parts with no additional assembly steps.

elektrischer ALLROUNDER MORE

Customised multi-component machine


Cube mould

Cube mould technology ideally combines twice the number of cavities with shorter cycle times on the same mould-mounting surface. So that you can increase you part output by 100 to 200 per cent.

Würfelwerkzeug  eines ALLROUNDER CUBE

Part examples

Rain/light sensor

LSR compensates for curvature: a rain/light sensor can be perfectly connected to a car windscreen using a coupling cushion. The liquid silicone is injected onto a PBT frame into which the sensors are inserted.

Würfeltechnologie: 24 fertige Unterkorbrollen in 9,5 s

Lower basket rollers

Producing a fully assembled lower basket roller for dishwashers 40 per cent faster: an ALLROUNDER CUBE with reverse cube system from Foboha increases part quality and cycle time.

Zahnbürsten sind klassische Zwei-Komponenten-Spritzteile


Hard/soft combinations in one casting. Also important for product design, for example for toothbrushes. Our customised ALLROUNDER MORE multi-component machine can do just that.

Turnkey projects

Automated production cells

Increase added value, optimise the injection moulding process, automate further, integrate innovatively? Then we are your partner as a primary contractor. As is already the case for many leading companies worldwide.

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Fast cycles with reduced energy requirement – that's what our ALLROUNDER CUBEs deliver. Because you are producing on a large scale or multi-component parts.

More space, modularity, and operating convenience in multi-component injection moulding. This is your production-efficient alternative for larger moulds and easy maintenance.

From practical experience – for practical use. That's how we share knowledge. You benefit from our know-how. Targeted, fast, and cooperative. With our machines, for your purposes.

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