AES energy-saving system

Full power - but only when required

The ARBURG Energy Saving System (AES) makes the operation of hydraulic injection moulding machines with two pumps even more economical by also adapting the speed of the pump motor to demand by means of a frequency converter. The benefits are lower energy consumption, less noise and wear.

Instead of continually working at the nominal speed and a low level of efficiency, the speed and therefore the power of the pump motor is adjusted to the actual requirement during long cooling times, for example. On all hydraulic ALLROUNDER machines, the productivity package comprises the AES with a water-cooled rotational-speed-regulated pump motor. If necessary, higher rotational speeds and therefore shorter dry cycle times can be achieved here as well.


  • Minimal no-load losses – energy savings of up to 20%
  • Energy-saving operation of hydraulic machines with two pumps
  • Reduced noise emissions and wear
  • Ideal for air-conditioned production environments: Reduced waste heat and cooling requirement
  • Suitable for all hydraulic machines


Brochure: Hydraulic ALLROUNDERs (PDF - 2,4 MB)
<link fileadmin redaktion mediathek today _blank download p.>Customer magazine today 40, p. 22-23 "Energy efficient drives" (PDF - 4,6 MB)