Valve actuation system housing

For overmoulding the housings for the Valvetronic VVT3 valve actuation system, ARBURG has designed a fully automated injection moulding system, which is managed centrally via the SELOGICA control system. Use of the finished product in the engine compartment places the most stringent demands on the production process.

Handling of the controller housing is performed by a vertical MULTILIFT robotic system. It transfers the parts to a pre-heating station and then to a turning station. In order to transfer them to the mould with positional accuracy, they are realigned and centred on a turning station. A hydraulic ALLROUNDER injection moulding machine then overmoulds the inserts with a high-tech liquid crystalline polymer (LCP). 


  • Reliable: 0-ppm failure quota as target
  • Precise: torsionally resistant, temperature-stable component with high resistance to vibration and ambient conditions for four-cylinder engines manufactured by the BMW Group and PSA Peugeot Citroën meets the highest requirements
  • User friendly: central SELOGICA controls the entire production cell, including the machine sequence and six further servo axes

Basic specifications

Valve actuation system housing
Cavities: 1
Part weight: 240 g
Material: LCP (liquid crystalline polymer)
Cycle time: 35 s


The centrepiece of the production cell is a hydraulic ALLROUNDER 470 S with a single-cavity mould. In order to process the 30%-reinforced LCP, the machine is equipped with a highly wear-resistant cylinder module. The entire cycle takes around 35 seconds and is coordinated with the downstream final assembly operations.
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Robotic system
The automation around a vertical MULTILIFT V is designed to handle two housing types with different flange positions. All the transfer sequences require maximum precision in order to ensure that the controller housings are sealed and fully functional. After cooling, all the parts are checked and palletised.
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Overmoulding inserts
The system for overmoulding the controller housings was custom-designed for the application by ARBURG in close cooperation with the customer and mould maker. The production cell overmoulds two housing types, which feature different flanges. These are recognised at the turning station via reference points.
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In the case of large unit volumes, the integration of automated upstream and downstream operations pays. Because the Valvetronic VVT3 valve actuation system plays a vital role in four-cylinder engines, quality, reliability and zero-faults quality are of particular importance.
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