Cable grommet

Individual handling of flexible components

The versatile six-axis robotic systems offer perfection in motion, enabling you to reliably perform even complex tasks – as demonstrated most impressively by the fully automated overmoulding of cables: the flexible parts are individually pre-assembled and inserted into several cavities in different positions.

The use of a six-axis robotic system in conjunction with the automatic, continuous cable feed replaces preparatory manual operations. The length of the cable loops can be flexibly determined. An additional benefit: thanks to the small footprint of the ALLROUNDER 375 V vertical machine, a highly compact production cell is achieved.


  • Fully automated overmoulding of cables: compact production cell replaces preparatory manual operations
  • Individual pre-assembly of continuous cables: length of cable loops can be flexibly varied
  • Precise insertion of flexible cables: six-axis robotic system positions inserts reliably in the mould
  • Simple programming of varying cable lengths: robotic sequences can be quickly adapted via the implemented SELOGICA user interface

Basic specifications

Cable grommet
Cavities: 4
Part weight: 4.2 g (excluding cable)
Material: TPE
Cycle time: 27 s


A vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V is used for the overmoulding of flexible cables. Thanks to its vertical free-space system, the mould is easily accessible from three sides. In combination with the fixed mounting platen positioned at the bottom, the machine design is ideal for automation solutions.
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Robotic system
The six-axis robotic system performs all part handling tasks: it picks up the flexible cable, makes cable loops to the desired length and reliably inserts the individually pre-assembled cable into the mould. Thanks to the SELOGICA user interface, all sequences can be programmed by the operator.
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Overmoulding inserts
Reliable handling of flexible inserts is a prerequisite for the overmoulding of cables. The fact that, with automation, even complex tasks can be performed cost-effectively is impressively demonstrated by the cable grommet: manual preparation and insertion are completely dispensed with.
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Fully automated overmoulding enables the efficient production of individual components, such as cable grommets with cable loops of varying lengths. The compact production cell produces components in constant high quality, which also simplifies storage and logistics.
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Cable feed:Leicht
Automation:FPT Robotik