Part status

Simple start-up for complex processes

Efficient production often requires complex processes. To make these processes easier and safer to handle, the SELOGICA control system provides a useful aid in the form of the "parts status" function. In particular, restarting after interruptions is thus significantly faster – saving time and costs.

The basis for this is an extended signal exchange that goes far beyond the range of functions of the standard interface according to EUROMAP 67. The system components automatically detect their position within the process sequence in the event of an interruption and resume operation at exactly the right place.

We offer you

  • Extended signal exchange: Significantly improved functionality compared with the standard robot interface according to EUROMAP 67
  • Smart system: Machine and robotic system know the position of the insert, pre-molded part and finished part at all times
  • Practical help for operators: Dedicated symbols for integration in the process sequence and adaptable status displays
  • Easy start-up: After an interruption, the system components automatically resume operation at exactly the right place within the process sequence
  • Fast start-up saves resources: Reduced risk of thermal decomposition of the melt resulting from long downtimes
  • Fast start-up cuts costs: No time lost through manual resetting of system components
  • Avoidance of running to empty reduces costs: This is especially the case with delicate and expensive inserts
  • Individual control options: Keep track of even complex processes and intervene in the right place as an when needed